What if I was mapped?
What areas would be considered important and which ones would be considered extra? Would my map be accurate? Below is a map of answers to the un-asked questions you are forming about me.

Think Pronunciation Key (thngk) v. thought, (thôt) think·ing, thinks I enjoy and practice reason, reflection, visualization and imagination. My mind evolves and invents.

Speak Pronunciation Key (spk) v. spoke, (spk) spo·ken, (spkn) speak·ing, speaks I convey thoughts, opinions, or emotions orally. I express myself and communicate well with others.

Energy Pronunciation Key (nr-j) n. pl. en·er·gies I have the ability to work and enjoy vigorous activity. My soul is my source for vigor; power, intensity and life.

Creativity Pronunciation Key (kr-tv) I am productive, and I show originality and expressiveness in all projects I work on.

Other Pronunciation Key (uthr) I am not left handed, but I can lead my bike on my left side.

Center Pronunciation Key (sntr) I like to put a nice strong belt at the point or place that is equally distant from my head and feet; the middle.

Unskilled Pronunciation Key (un-skld) I only have one flaw, my left foot is Lacking skill or technical training. It does not exhibit a skill; inexpert.

Soccer Pronunciation Key (skr) If you have a company team… You’re going to want me on it! I score goals!

Stefan Aronsen
San Francisco, CA

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